Wildlife Photography – WOLVES and BEARS part 1 | The travel to Finland

I am going to Finland to photograph the wild wolves and bears, and to be able to see these fascinating animals in their natural environment. Beside photographing it is my goal to vlog from this trip to share my fascination of these beautiful mammals. These animals are extremely shy and to get close to them, I am going to a location, where they have set up photo hides and have put out meat for the bears for many years.
This is where I am:

I am going with my good friend Simon and in this first episode we are travelling to the location and are getting ready for the first day in the hide. So not a lot of wildlife photography in this one, but I promise you, the next one will be full of that!

Simons Instagram:

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My name is Morten Hilmer and I am a professional nature and wildlife photographer. In this series of behind the scenes vlogs I want to share my fascination of nature with you and invite you behind the scene when I am out photographing the fascinating wildlife, the stunning landscapes and the wild nature. I work as a ILCP photographer, and nature conservation is very close to my heart.

For me nature photography is all about sharing the unique experiences and to put awareness to nature conservation. Furthermore my goal is to inspire as many as possible to get out and experience the true beauty of nature.

“I have served in the Danish military special unit, the Sirius Patrol, for two years and that has given me the skills and confidence to operate alone in the arctic regions. I have spent two further years in the northern parts of Greenland meeting the local people and working on photography projects. My driving force is a sense of adventure and my fascination for nature, and my curiosity and empathy for other cultures has led me to many remote regions.”

Read more about my time in the Sirius Dogsled Patrol:

Beside the many publications my photographs has been awarded in the Wildlife photographer of the year and European Wildlife photographer of the year photo competitions.

In spring 2017 I published my book Silence of the North:

See you out there !

All the best
Morten Hilmer

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